Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello I am sorry that i have not done anything for a while. I have been busy nd i would like to say that i am going to go to delaware for 2 weeks for my moms job in seimens and me and my dad are going to some educational stuff and some not so eductional i want to go to delawares history museum because its the first state i am so happy and fpr easter i am going to be in tucson and see my best friends ever and im gunna see maddie samanthat addie baby uke (well it baby luke but addie always said baby uke) and kyle caitlyn catherine but most of all my grandma gramdpa i am so excited and.......

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi happy new year. I had my first compitition meet on January 10 with a score of 32.15. My next one is tomarrow. I have my own signature now so does my buddie Bailey. You can go on or to be my buddie Club penguin name is Miley123fun, my webkinz is bubbalu. I will post pictures from Halloween right now.If it does not work sorry.Thats me on halloween.A pirate.